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Chat Recap


They’re all very goofy and crack-y ideas so if they’re not your cup of tea, let me know! We’ll see if we can work out something a bit less goofy. We talked about mini-events to hold to tide over the active users until summer comes and more members are active.

  • A small Easter event in which The Madam fills the eggs full of several things that include nerve gas, chocolate laced with LSD, and bombs. The Madam is not amused by their vague indifference to these antics and gives them paintball guns and orders them to go kill Elvis; where the mercs open fire and are fined/jailed and forced to stay on base for x amount of time.

  • A load of Australium is accidentally dropped into Lake Mead where it contaminates the lake. The Admin makes two mercs clean the lake. The result of this is SPONTANEOUS MUSTACHE GROWTH and an INTENSE RISE OF AGGRESSION. Even the fish are more aggressive in Lake Mead. What in the world?

The chat was fun tonight, and thank you very much to those who showed up and said their part. You were all very helpful. I hope to hold another one soon (Perhaps in 2 weeks or so) so please stay tuned. :>

OOC: Is it bad I actually want to try drawing some of this out lmfao





//He squeals like a hyena when his ear is pulled on, then covers his mouth in embarrassment.//

I-I’m sorry. It wasn’t my fault. My chip got messed up and I was stuck in the system for some odd days…

-She lets go of his ear, crossing her arms before bowing apologetically.-

N-no it is okay. I should apologize. I should not have snapped like that…

-Lee sighs and embraces him, letting out a deep breath.-

I am just glad you are back. 



//He wraps his arms around her and gives her a tiny squeeze.//

I’m sorry for worrying you like that! Have you been alright?

-Is a little lost as to what he was trying to tell her, eyes widening before huffing loudly. She tugs on his ear to her level and pouts.-

Dawit-san oooooh!! I tried to talk to your oniisan too and he did not know where you were!

And I was ill so I could not help find you hmmph! I hope this does not happen again!

-Despite her lecturing it looked like she was about to cry.-

//Gently taps Lee’s shoulder.//
-Turns around to see that familiar Sniper.-
Dawit-san!!! :0

OOC: I apologize for falling off the face of the earth every time I say I come back, and I was supposed to be on yesterday but problems have been somewhat resolved now.

Hi how are you guys. ; o ; Let me know if you guys want to rp anything orz

U-um. Excuse me? You are Dawit-san's oniisa- er, older brother, am I correct? :s


Yeah, that’s right. 8)

I’m Amare! And you’re…?

:0c U-um, my name is Aileen, but I am Lee! I do not think we have properly met before. How rude of me! It is nice to meet you, Amare-san.

However, I… I overheard one of the BLUs wondering about Dawit-san’s presence.

D-do you know where he has been?


I’d loike it if yeh did. I’m…sure he’s around somewhere, maybe went out huntin’ even.

Um… he is not too far down. I shall help you look into this.




…Anyone seen Dawit?

Now that you mention it, I… 

No, it is very unlikely for him to run off like that…

Yeah but I figured he was just hangin’ out in his room but he usually pops up late in the evenin’. I saw him in battle today, yeah?

… I, I don’t think I saw him enter his room. I saw him in battle as well, but—

I could ask his brother about his whereabouts.